Thursday, August 8, 2013

What is in a nickname?

    Many people have asked the question what is in a name? It is a typical school writing assignment, and I'm sure hundreds if not thousands of people throughout the world have written papers and essays about the question 'What is in a name?'  However, what I want to know is, how many people have given any thought to the question: "What is in a nickname?" 

    A name is something that sets you apart and makes you unique and different from everyone else. I believe that a nickname is something that makes you even more special and can even define who we are and how people perceive us.  As you might have already guessed my nickname is Chicky! :) Personally, I think it sort of defines me in a way, and totally suits my character and personality.  It's not like I don't like my own name, or think that it doesn't fit me.  Michelle Frances is a wonderful and strong name.  Especially since I was named after St. Micheal, and my name in Latin means, "Who is like unto God." You have to admit that is hard to beat. However, I have gotten so used to being called Chicky, it's sometimes almost weird to hear someone say Michelle.  In fact, some people only use my real name if they are angry with me.  My second eldest brother, brother Kevin, being the main one.

   Kevin rarely ever calls me anything but Chicky, which makes sense, since he is the one that pretty much made the name viral, even though
he wasn't the one that originally came up with it. That is somewhat of a controversial matter in my family. Well, we all know that I got the name from a waitress who randomly called me Chicky, but where and when I received it is often a topic of debate.  All I remember is sitting in a restaurant and trying to order a Rosy Cotton instead of a Shirley Temple, and the perky waitress replying, "What was it you wanted again, Chicky." The rest is more or less history.  It took a little while to stick, but with my older brothers constantly using it, (especially Kevin) it became my universal nickname.

    Of course I also go by quite a few other names, Among the many are: Sallie Anne, (One of my favorites, given to me by my Aunt) Shelly, Michi-Bishi, Micky-D, Chick-stupid, and Chickopatumus.  You can see why Chicky ended up sticking!

  I think that my nickname has totally defined me though, and I absolutely love it! I couldn't imagine a life not being Chicky!  I also thought this post was an appropriate way to start my blog, especially considering its title.  I hope you enjoyed your very first chat with Chicky.  


  1. It was totally at the Pufferbelly in Grand Junction, on the occasion of somebody's birthday -- Aunt Donna's? But of this, I am sure. Why do you think "Chicky" suits your personality, I'm curious to know....? ;0)

  2. I guess I'm a stickler when it comes to names and nicknames. Chicky is a very good nickname and has been well, earned I guess. What I don't like is parents giving their child a name like Isabella and then calling them Bella or Izzy their whole life. Seems silly to me. You named her Isabella so call her that. Excited for your new blog and to see where it goes!