Monday, August 26, 2013

If it's free, it's worth it!

I sort of have a passion for things that are free.  I have never gone to King Sooper's without getting one of those free cookies for kids.  I have never gone to Sam's Club without eating every sample I see as I'm walking by. ("Walking by" sometimes includes going to the opposite end of the store because there might be a sample you haven't tried yet just waiting for you.) As you know, I go to Village Inn every Wednesday for free pie. And I have never been to an apartment complex which serves free coffee in their clubhouse without drinking the said, "free coffee."

I have never really felt guilty about it, because someone has to eat and drink the free stuff.  Besides, if nobody did, at the end of the day it would end up being thrown out and wasted anyways.  I obviously can't let that happen, so I have made it my point to seek out all that is free and ultimately save it from it's destruction. Besides who can pass up free coffee? Let's just say, I definitely can't...

At the apartment complex where I am living, there are two pools, and one of them has a clubhouse with a free work out room and free coffee. I'm still not sure if the clubhouse is for everyone at the complex, or if it's just for the people who pay more rent to live at the nicer apartments, but either way, they have free Starbucks coffee!  One morning I could no longer resist.

It was about 8:30 A.M., (which is earlier than I usually get up) and I really wanted some of that Starbucks, so I walked over to the Clubhouse, only to find that the gate was locked.  I was pretty disappointed,  but decided I wouldn't let that stop me.  The fence surrounding the clubhouse really isn't that high, and I was able to get over it pretty easily.  After that I just walked right into the clubhouse and started up the big industrial coffee maker thingy.

I was starting to feel a little bit guilty now, mostly because I felt like someone was watching me. And that's probably because someone was watching me. Actually it was three security guys who worked at the clubhouse. I hurried up and finished making it, and started to head for the door, when one of the security guys stops me and says, "Umm, excuse me, but how did you get in here? Our offices don't open until 9:00." I pointed to the gate and said, "Oh, I just got in right over there." He said, "Oh, ok. That's fine, just remember that the offices don't open until 9:00."

I quickly started walking towards the gate, spilling coffee on myself as I left. The gate was still locked, and I knew that he was still watching me, so I couldn't leave the way that I came. Then he walks over to me again and says, "Ma'am, the only gate that is unlocked is the one in the back."  I didn't even say anything and went straight to the back gate and once I was out felt totally relieved.  Until I saw two of the security guards come out and get on their golf carts...

Lo and behold, they were following me.  At this point I started to run, and after I had spilled nearly half of my coffee on myself, decided to hide it in a bush. I kept running, and then ducked into a corridor type area, where the doors to the apartments are.  I was pretty well hidden, so I could hear them saying, "I'm pretty sure she went this way." I waited there a little longer, then went out the opposite end, and after a little more running, I finally lost them.

The only thing left to do was risk going back in front of the clubhouse to retrieve my coffee. And well, obviously I did. It's been a couple days since that happened, and I still get nervous walking in front of that building. I'm hoping that they were just bored and had nothing better to do that morning, and have already forgotten about it by now, but I don't really regret it. It was coffee, it was free, and it was worth it!


  1. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle... I'm caught between laughing and lecturing! Bahahaha! (See what won out?) I'm afraid you inherited the coffee fiend gene pretty big time... (Girl. You crack me up. It's a good thing I love you; you'd have to count on me to post coffee room breaking and entering bail for you.)

  2. Wow lol that's awesome! What an adventure! And I so wouldn't put that past you :D