Saturday, September 21, 2013

YACTOAY! (You only come to America once a year)

I think that YOLO might be a more appropriate title for this post, saying that I already live in America and all, however these last three weeks I've been lucky enough to have three German friends stay here in America with us, so our motto for the trip was yoactoay! You only come to America once a year. Well, I don't know if you could say it was our motto, since we came up with it on their last day of America, but never the less, it's our motto now! 

I really can't think of a way to condense three weeks of pure awesome into a post that would be shorter than a novel.  I can't even really think of where to begin. So I guess that I will just bombard you with pictures. Since a picture supposedly says a thousand words, it really will be a novel, but at least you won't be bored to death by the end! (I hope)  


 Dominic (and me) on the big screen at a Rockies game. He sang give me the beat boy in front of thousands of fans. Definitely a most glorious moment of fame. (for me too, since I was on the screen in the background the whole time!)
  Ina and I with our epic Rockies face paint. 
 I did Dominic's face, which is most definitely the reason he got picked to get on tv....haha


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